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We manufacture and supply a range of traditional lime wash, mineral silicate and chalk paints, as well as waxes and lacquers. Available in a variety of colours, our paints offer the perfect finish for any project. We use naturally available ingredients where possible and can colour match to most applications. Speak to our team to discuss your exact requirements or view our range of off the shelf products.
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Limewash is a traditional paint finish that is ideal to protect and seal porous stone and decorate lime rendered surfaces. It's water based and a very eco-friendly alternative to paint. Limewash is also breathable which makes it the perfect choice for old walls where damp can often be a problem. In comparison to more modern paints, limewash will penetrate through the surface of the wall, so the colour is built up by applying multiple coats. We only use natural additives for colouring and we are often able to colour match our limewashes to your precise requirements upon supply of a colour sample. If you are looking for a specific colour then get in touch and we can guide you through our process, alternatively why not seek some inspiration by viewing our range of pre-mixed colours available to purchase.

Keim Mineral Silicate Paint

With similar properties to limewash, mineral silicate paint is also breathable and seeps into the surface of the substrate. Containing lime and potassium silicate as the two principle mineral binding agents it is a great choice for traditional buildings that suffer damp problematic walls and has a long life expectancy if applied correctly. It is also ideal for high-traffic areas within a building as it can be scrubbed clean and is very durable. Our range of mineral silicate paint comes in a wide variety of colour options. These paints are odourless, non-toxic and solvent free, being manufactured using natural products. Mineral silicate paint is high quality and environmentally friendly.


Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is the go to choice for most shabby chic style vintage furniture projects this days. This paint gives a lovely thick coat that can be easily distressed using a variety of tools and techniques to produce stunning ageing or wearing effects. As the name suggests it produces a velvety chalky mat finish when dry and often requires sealing with a good quality wax to ensure it does not rub-off too easily. We currently stock a range of Colourman water based chalk paints that are manufactured locally here in Devon. If you're looking to restore a piece of antique furniture or up-cycle old furniture to give it that fashionable vintage effect then this is your paint of choice.


Waxes & Lacquers

We stock and supply a good selection of antique waxes and timber lacquers that are ideal for sealing, staining  and finishing decorative wooden surfaces and furniture. We select only the best quality waxes and lacquers available and have a wide range of options to choose from. Browse through our current stock or if you're looking for something specifically or not sure which to select then get in touch to discuss your requirements with us and we will be happy to guide you through our product catalogue.


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