Generations Of Quality

Heritage Cob & Lime is built on the hard work and values of two generations of the Rawle family.
Based in Devon, we manufacture and supply award-winning lime mortar and associated products right across the UK.
Restoration using traditional materials has always been at the heart of Heritage Cob & Lime, this is where we began. The manufacturing arm of our business has grown from the desire to always use quality products at all times. 


We are official stockists of Tarmac Buxton Lime and our client base is an eclectic mix of private home owners who are keen to restore their property themselves, artisan lime plasterers, traditional builders, architects, the construction industry, together with organisations who have an interest in maintaining historic buildings. Whether the building requiring the restoration is a large house or a small cottage or indeed a garden wall, we believe that each deserves to be restored using quality lime mortar.
We have supplied mortar and associated products to numerous well known buildings including: 
  • Hampden House, near Great Missenden
  • Covent Garden
  • Liverpool Museum
  • Turweston Manor
  • The Birdcage, Thame (700 years old)
  • St Anne's Chapel, Barnstaple
  • Houghton Hall, Norwich
  • Windsor Castle
  • Buckingham Palace


Sue & Dave Rawle
Our story begins with Sue and Dave Rawle. Together they set up Heritage Cob and Lime, using Dave’s specialist knowledge of working on cob buildings and properties requiring lime mortar. Dave can sometimes be found working on build sites, but a more often than not, he is mixing mortar in the warehouse or dispensing advice to customers who call in to see us.
Affectionately known as ‘The Guru’, Dave’s knowledge has been learnt over many years of experience. He and Sue undertake all the consultation work as well as some of the estimates. Sue’s role started off as predominately in marketing, running the website and writing articles on traditional building methods, however she also undertakes writing up estimates and consultations, plus filing, book keeping, and “Anything else I get asked to do".
Sue’s favourite job of all is going out on site and undertaking consultations - she loves meeting customers and advising them on their properties. In their spare time, Sue and Dave enjoy walking Jack the Dalmatian and Toby the Jack Russell, as well as cooking Sunday roasts for their large family.
Sue & Dave Rawle
Sarah is face of the manufacturing arm of Heritage Cob and Lime. The oldest of five siblings and standing 5 feet tall in stocking feet, Sarah is a lively personality who can talk for hours (her words) on anything lime related.
Like her brother Frank, she trained under the watchful eye of Dad, David, and often refers to herself as the longest serving apprentice. “Having worked on the build side it helps me when customers have queries about their own lime or cob building works. I don’t get out on site as often these days, but I am always on the end of the phone to give free advice to people.”
Sarah is also a Mum of two grown up children and her hobbies include horse riding and spending time with her grandchildren.




Sue & Dave Rawle
Frank heads up the building side of the business, having been tutored for several years by Dad, David and then spending a further two years working for a large construction company in Bristol.
Frank runs a build team made up of people who are who are much more than work colleagues, they are also friends. “We all work well together and take a pride in what we do. We specialise in the restoration of historic properties and have specialist help available when needed, such as a stone mason, carpenter or an expert in stained glass.
When he’s not undertaking build works, Frank is a drummer with several bands and also enjoys football and motorbike trials.
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