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Strocks or 'cob blocks' are traditional structural building blocks, made of straw and earth. There is nothing so eco-friendly and natural as using hand made clay strocks to build walls with. They are ideal to either restore traditional cob walls in need of repair or to build the perfect eco-building from new. Take a look at our superior range of strocks, strockettes and bespoke hand-fired bricks below.
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Our clay strocks or 'cob blocks' are the perfect structural blocks for building and restoration work on traditional cob and earth buildings. We are experts in cob houses and buildings and can advise you about any project you undertake including how to correctly use strocks if you haven't used them before. Strocks (straw and clay blocks) really are the eco-friendly way to build structural or non-structural walls and provide great insulation for buildings. If you require more information then feel free to contact us directly and ask about our superior strocks.   Strocks have received an endorsement from Professor Dr. Gernot Minke, who is widely regarded as the European expert on earth construction. He has lectured for more than thirty years at the University of Kassel, Germany where in 1974 he founded the Research Institute of Experimental Building. "Strocks are blocks made from clay, silt, sand and straw and offer an excellent, compact and easy way to build with earth." Prof. Dr. Gernot Minke. Gernot’s manual "Building with Earth" (3rd edition, Birkhäuser Publisher 2012) has been published in 10 different languages and is available from Amazon. 


Strockettes, as you would expect, are simply smaller sized strocks (straw and clay blocks). As the concrete building block is to the strock, so a brick would be to a strockette. These are very lightweight building blocks yet they offer the same compression strength as extruded cob and are ideal for repairing smaller sections of cob walls and large cracks. As with all the products we stock, strockettes come from only the highest grade and quality materials and are manufactured using years of expert knowledge. If you would like like to find out more about our range of cob building materials, contact us and we are always happy to help or advise on the best products for the job. 

Bespoke Hand Fired Bricks

Our range of bespoke hand-fired clay bricks are superior in every way. There really is no substitute for hand made bricks, they produce the creme de la creme of stunning looking brick walls both inside and out. Available in a variety of finishes, colours and appearances these bricks will be sure to impress even the most critical eye. These bespoke bricks will bring unique character to any building project. Here at our warehouse in Devon, we stock a wide variety of hand made bricks, however if you don't find what you're looking for then you can always discuss your exact requirements with us in more detail and we will be happy to see if it can be manufactured as a bespoke order.

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