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A bad workman blames his tools, but a good workman buys quality from the start.

We've partnered up with some of the best tool makers in the industry to provide you with reliable quality, everytime.

The Right Tools For The Job...

Trusted Quality

We stock all the traditional tools you require to undertake working with lime mortar, from harling trowels to apply the scat coat to beautiful Italian Pavan trowels for that superb trowelled finish. We also stock eco plastic friendly hawks and floats, paint brushes, paint pads, not to mention Hessian rolls to keep your new applied lime mortar protected when you work outside. Cob wall in need of stitching? Then we stock various sized Helifix bars that will do the job.
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Trowels, Floats & Hawks

Metal Pointing Spatula


13mm Spatula      £6.18


15mm Spatula      £6.52


19mm Spatula      £7.33

Pavan Trowels


7inch Small Pavan 844/1


9inch Med Pavan 844/1


11inch Large Pavan 844/1








Faithful Plasterers Hawk £13.00

Faithful Float








Faithful SPONGE Float


Large only £11.99

Pavan 980 80mm Swiss Trowel £6.50

Bucket Trowel £5.65

Gauging Trowel 7 inch £4.70

Mason's Plane £52.98

Harling Trowel £6.17

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Tools & Accessories

Picking Hammer Chisel Point £16.51

Scutch Hammer-replaceable blade £14.60

Picking Hammer Double Point £16.51

Lath Hammer £17.12

Scutch Combs- pkt of 5


Made from Zinc Coated Carbon Steel £3.98

Helifix  Driver will take up to 10mm £29.99

Hatchet (perfect for cutting cob blocks) £15.88

Bricklayers Hammer £9.79

Black/ White Poly Yard Broom £8.88

Scratch Comb £8.23

Helifix Bars (Helical bars)


450mm x 8mm

600mm x 8mm

600mm x 10mm

700mm x 8mm

1000mm x 6mm

1000mm x 8mm









Dust Sheets

12ft x 9ft

12ft x 12ft




Devon Shovel £19.82

Mixing Paddle 100mm £6.00

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Safety Accessories

We stock a selection of useful health & safety products that will help to protect your hands and face when working with lime mortar:

Bodyguards 4 Blue Nitrile Gloves, latex free and powder free - ideal for protecting your hands when working with lime mortar available in small,med, large & Xlarge.


1x box of 100 gloves £7.90

Leather Gloves, perfect for rough use - all sizes 1x pair £2.50

Orange Bodyguard Gloves, perfect for heavier use -all sizes 1x pair £1.84

Vented safety googles 1x pair £2.70

Plastic safety classes 1x pair £3.30

Supertex Coveralls £4.50

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