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Our Limewash comes in a wide range of colours, not just white!

With breath-ability, UV protection and anti bacterial properties, our limewash is a clear natural choice.

About Limewash

Limewash is made from limestone that has been crushed, burnt and then slaked with water to make lime putty. Once matured for several months, the lime putty is then thinned with water to make limewash. With its chalky, matt appearance, due to its complex crystalline matrix, limewash is naturally white in colour.  However, by adding pigment we can offer a large range of colours that are made with both natural and manufactured pigments. Our colour chart is a guide and samples are available on request.

More information...

The case for using lime wash as opposed to modern paints is quite simple. Limewash works by sinking into the surface unlike modern barrier paints. Modern paints will simply seal a structure which in older buildings can lead to dampness and condensation problems, ultimately increasing the risk of decay in the cob wall, as well as in the structural timbers and any stonework/brickwork.
Limewash reduces the effects of condensation and enables the moisture within the walls to evaporate to the outside. Designed to protect the lime renders and plasters of the building, on external walls subjected and exposed to Mother nature, limewash will in time need re applying, usually around 4 to 5 years. Pure limewash has a high tolerance to UV light and will refract the UV rays off the surface of the limewash, giving protection to the renders beneath.

Brilliant if left, 'as is'

It's worth noting that when adding oils or tallow's to limewash, you no longer have a limewash but a low grade paint, which by its very nature, will absorb UV light and give rise to a more rapid breakdown of the limewash and cause problems when it comes to re washing your property.
Another plus for limewash is that it has fire proofing qualities and because it's alkaline, is anti-bacterial and insecticidal hence bugs such as woodworm and death-watch beetle don't like it! Limewash is a simple product with huge advantages, not only is it breathable with a natural UV protection, it is one of the oldest systems known to man. Over the years, limewash has been tinkered with and after years of research and dedication, we now know it's a simple product which is far more effective if it's left that way!
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Heritage cob and lime, limewash colour chart

Casein Paint...

Colourman Shabby Chic Paints (Casein) a beautiful range of 18th & 19th century reproduction buttermilk paints - various colours available. Perfect for interior walls, restoring furniture, especially for the Shabby Chic look  & all wood applications. All paints are organic & VOC free.Prices are excluding VAT.
Below is the casein paint colour chart shows colours available-we stock hand-painted charts for accuracy if required.
All casein paints can be mixed to create your own colour if you desire.
Colourman casein paint available colour chart

Milk Paint Samples = £5.00 per 130ml jar

Milk Paint (any colour) = £12.50 per litre tin

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Brushes, Pads & Paint Remover..

We are pleased to introduce a brand new range of Water Based Eggshell Paints that complement our Colourman Reproduction Buttermilk paints of the 18th & 19th Century.

Harris Paint Brushes And Pads (better for limewash)

Taskmaster Paint Brushes

Taskmaster 5x Paint Pads Set

Taskmaster Paint Pads (Single)

3/4" Paint Brush = £1.62

2" Paint Brush    = £2.69

3" Paint Brush    = £3.99

5" Paint Brush    = £5.24

6" Paint Brush    = £6.12

Taskmaster 5x Paint Pads Set = £5.94

Medium Paint Pad & Handle

Large Paint Pad & Handle

Medium Paint Pad Refill

Large Paint Pad Refill

= £3.40

= £3.89

= £2.62

= £3.27

Our Other Brushes

3M Pole = £13.99

5M Pole = £17.79

Three Section Aluminium Extension Poles

PVC Hand Brush

Pine Brush (Attaches to drill)

Small Wire Brush

Large Wire Brush with Scraper

= £3.20

= £16.50

= £2.69

= £2.99

Churn Brush = £3.30

Wax and Varnish..

Heritage Cob and Lime is an official stockist of Flag waxes and varnishes. These are excellent products and come recommended from us through personal use.
We shall add to the range as demand dictates. If you have a particular Flag product in mind that you would like us to source, then please let us know.
All prices shown are exclusive of VAT.

Classic Antique Pine Wax

450ml = £5.95

Classic Wax Clear 450ml = £5.00

Classic Wax Clear 5 litres = £29.99

Creamy Beeswax Clear 250ml = £5.00

431 Wax White


2.5 litres = £16.95

Shellac Sanding Sealer 62 Pale  500ml = £9.25

Raw Linseed Oil 500ml = £4.25

Aqualac Matt 250ml = £2.90

Aqualac Matt

1 litre = £8.95

5 litres = £44.75


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