Assorted Brushes & Paint Pads
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 Harris Paint Brushes    

Taskmasters 3/4" Paint Brush
£1.62 Harris Taskmasters 3/4 Paint Brush
Taskmasters 2" Paint Brush
Taskmasters 3" Paint Brush
£3.93 Harris Taskmasters Paint Brushes
Taskmasters 5" Paint Brush

Taskmasters 6" Paint Brush


Taskmasters Medium Paint Pad & Handle
£3.40  Harris Paint Pads
Taskmasters Medium Paint Pad Refill

Taskmasters Large Paint Pad Refill
 Taskmasters 5 Part Paint Pad Set
 £5.94  Harris Paint Pads and tray

 3M 3 Section Aluminium Extension Pole
£13.99 Extension poles for lime washing
 5M 3 Section Aluminium Extension Pole

Churn Brushes
£4.02  Churn Brush
 2 Knot Lime Brush
£7.08  2 knot lime brush
Pine Brush (attaches to drills, buffs waxes effortlessly)  £13.75

SPC Brush (stainless steel bristles- perfect for cleaning tricky areas of wood/stone)  £5.32