Bespoke Venetian Plaster

We pride ourselves on our premium Venetian plaster. Made in-house by us from our premium slaked lime putty and marble flour, it gives any wall a beautiful finish.

Our  Venetian Plasters...

A colour for every application

Venetian plaster is the crème de la crème of plasters for interior wall finishes. Polished and trowelled to a smooth finish, our Venetian plaster gives a luxury finish to any wall.
Venetian plaster can be polished to a high sheen with black African soap - speak to us and we will tell you how to do this.
Our plaster is available pre-coloured or plain white or you can buy the pigments from us and colour it yourself. Whatever colour you decide, the end result will be stunning.
500g - £6.50
1Kg - £9.00
25Kg - £55.00
Our Venetian plasters are available in a range of colours if required, priced on request.

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"HC&L marmorino is an authentic high quality product. Right from the first time you work with this Venetian plaster you can feel the difference; it's very malleable and it's coverage is excellent.  The results are smooth, elegant and the artisan nature of this Venetian plaster's manufacture is self evident in the end result. This is more than a building material, it is an artist’s material for creating sophisticated beautiful art work with plaster; the only limit's is the clients imagination! I would not be swayed to use any other product in its place.” - Antonio Sobocki.

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